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Buckets N Joints (Formed 2012, Tel Aviv)

is an alternative rock band. Presents something different that will leave a mark on everyone.
Leading the band is the vocalist Royi Dalal with the impressive vocal ability.
These past years the band has made quite a journey by playing shows all around Israel (over 100 shows in a year), Making a big impact wherever they play on any type of audience.
The band met at a music school and from the first moment they knew that they had a special chemistry for creating music together.
Deep grooves, distortion and a touching voice are just some of the band's elements. From energized rock beats into funk grooves and spaced out atmospheres, BNJ presents something different that will leave a mark on everyone.

Band Members:
Royi Dalal – Vocals | Gal Barzilay – Guitar | Roee Cohen – Bass | Omer Simchi – Drums



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